Below are some frequently asked questions that we would like to answer for your convenience. If you do not see your question answered below, please call the store at (609) 426-1111.

Appliance FAQ's

What does H & H Appliance Center sell?

H & H Appliance Center is an appliance store in Central New Jersey that sells to the New Jersey, Central Pennsylvania, and New York area. We specialize in cooking, laundry, and refrigeration.

Why doesn't H & H Appliance Center sell online or list prices online?

We truly believe in the old fashioned, personal store experience that you receive by visiting our location and meeting with one of our experienced sales associates or speaking with an associate on the phone. Whether you need a quick grill part or are planning an entire kitchen, we will customize your order to fit your needs.

As a local business, we can only deliver within a 100 mile radius from our store. Listing prices online may mislead customers who reside outside our area. Also, when buying online, the customer may not be aware of special rebates of buying incentives that we can provide through a conversation. We want to save you as much money as we can!

Can I request a quote even if I am not ready to buy?

We encourage all customers to request quotes despite their stage in the buying process. We want to be with you through planning, measuring, and purchasing. Do not worry if you aren't ready to buy yet. We want to educate you on our products first and foremost.

What should I bring to the store to be prepared for my shopping experience?

If you are looking to replace an appliance, we ask you to bring photos of your current appliances. That will help our team determine what appliance will be suitable for the space of your home. If you are able to take measurements of the appliance and the dimensions of the space where the appliance is, that is also very helpful.

Does H & H Appliance Center offer kitchen design services or contractor services?

H & H Appliance Center's staff have been designing appliance spaces, including kitchens, since the 1960's. We can help you determine what appliance fits your budget and needs in store. If you are interested in interior design services, we have multiple local connections with designers, builders, cabinet-makers, and contractors and are more than happy to refer and create a relationship with you and a professional that fits your needs.

Does H & H Appliance Center sell grills throughout the year?

Yes, H & H Appliance Center has an extensive outdoor BBQ and grill selection and this selection is open and available during all months, including through the winter. Some popular brands of grills that we sell include Weber Grills, Alfresco Grills, Lynx Grills, and Mhp Grills.

Do quote prices reflect installation and delivery costs?

Installation and delivery costs vary with location, the appliances being delivered, and the extent of work being done. Typically, bringing photographs of your space that needs appliances will help our staff provide you with an in-depth quote that reflects approximate installation and delivery costs. Any additional work, such as electrical work, and work outside the scope of the installation (such as cabinetry fitting, water line installation) is not included in the quote. H & H Appliance Center will never charge these extra costs without your consent.

I do not know how to properly measure my space. What should I do?

H & H Appliance Center will help you measure your space if you are unsure. The best way to measure is by taking measurements of the actual appliance (height, width, depth) and also the cavity where the appliance sits. This includes trim kits, gaps between the cabinetry and can be measured individually as a height, width, and depth. Measurements will vary by job, and our staff is more than willing to walk you through this process.

Propane & Gas FAQ's

Do you sell propane?

We formerly sold propane as H & H Gas, but no longer fill tanks over 20 pounds (also known as BBQ tanks). We do not service tanks at all. For more information on propane, please call your propane supplier.

I have a tank from H & H Gas that needs service. Who should I call?

H & H Appliance Center does not service tanks. Please call your propane supplier for service on your tank.

How can I dispose of my old BBQ tank?

We are happy you would like to make the effort to recycle your old tank. Most townships have a recycling center for older BBQ tanks. If your township does not have a recycling center, H & H Appliance Center can recycle your tank for a fee of $10.

Service & Parts FAQ's

For all service and parts questions, please visit our Service & Parts page. If your question is still unanswered after visiting that page, please e-mail Mary, at [email protected].